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Kharga Oasis, Western Desert  

specimen/foto © www.johnbetts-fineminerals.com

  Thin attractive desert roses with sand, sand colored. Mindat.org/Betts
Haut-Katanga, Kambove,
  Luambo area (a number of mines in area). Thin blades in tight groups to 4 cm, stacked one on the other, yellow-tan, possibly dirt inclusions. Some luster. 5x5x5 cm overall. Good condition. New at Tucson 2018, it appears.
Haut-Katanga, Kolwezi
Malachite coated crystals, specimen 6.8 cm. Unusual. Perhaps Shangulowe?
Haut-Katanga, Kolwezi, Mashamba West mine
Very gemmy deep amber perfect tabular floater, 5 cm. Occur somewhat larger.
Haut-Katanga, Mulungwishi, Shangulowe mine
  Translucent tabular crystals to 2+cm with malachite inclusions, pale green, undamaged 5 cm group. Also chisel point crystals in parallel, 3.5 cm high. Occurs in larger crystals, usually not as gemmy.
Tagant, Erg Aouker (Aoukar)
  5 cm perfect ball, full of sand. Specific gravity 5 per Giorgio Spiga  11/2013. From German collector Peter Seroka. Fl. White under all UV.
Drâa-Tafilalet, near Alnif, Oumjrane mines Region was formerly Meknès-Tafilalet; changed 2015.

A number of mines/diggings in the area. Lustrous thick tabular crystals in radiating group, crystals to 2.2 cm. Translucent, gray color, very slight zoning. One edge of one small crystal broken, on back; almost a floater, with small groups of sulfides, mostly chalcopyrite. 8x5 cm group. Several flat, thin tabular crystals to 2.75 cm in group 5x4 cm overall. Fascinating zoning, with white edges and more translucent gray diamond in center. Minor green on back labeled and looks like dioptase. Fairly thin blue tabular glossy crystals to 2.5 cm on edge, translucent to transparent, complex tips have some micro sufides. In fan on chalcopyrite, 5x4.5x4 cm overall. No apparent damage. Prismatic milky to clear lustrous 8 cm crystal, interesting stepped growth. Included with micro chalcopyrites. Two small crystals on on side, larger 3 cm crystal on the other. 8x3x3 cm. Very translucent amber-smoky pyramidal crystal, 2.7x1.2 cm, perched on edge of matrix of tiny malachite with micro quartz and pyrite crystals, 4.5x4.5x3 cm overall. Repaired. Crystals to 1.5 cm each in group, small ones on front very light yellow. With a few micro marcasite crystals. 5x3.5x2 cm. Thick, complex long tabular crystal, milky center, transparent golden edges. Micro quartz and somewhat larger marcasite crystals. 6x2.5x2 cm. Recent specimens labeled from Bou Nahas mine, but this probably difficult to ascertain. Thin light blue blades, very translucent, to 4.5 cm on edge, in group with a mound of tiny marcasite crystals in the middle, 6.5x6x3 cm overall. Dark amber-olive-brown thick crystals to 2.5 cm in grown-together group, some vicinal growth patterns, transparent, superb luster, on and mixed with pyrite and sulfide base. 7x6.5x3 cm. Collected 4/2014. Clear small (<0.7 cm) pointed tabular crystals. very lustrous, in large groups with very clear Faden lines on two groups. 7x6x3.5 cm. I have one other barite apparent Faden, from China. Reportedly Bou N'has mine. Region was formerly Meknès-Tafilalet; changed 2015. Large equant rhomb-shaped crystal, 4 cm, dark gold/gray with lighter yellow reflecting from interior. Perched on irregular marcasite crystals/matrix. 10x6x4.5 cm. White translucent bladed crystals, good luster, to about 2.5 cm each, in nice rosettes, glittery edges, on matrix with pyrite cubes on bottom part of front, 7x7x4.5 cm overall. Large 8 cm barite blade, clear, milky in places, very light gray-blue, with pale yellow rim and smaller blades on bottom and snow white sparkling micro-crystal quartz blebs. 9x5x5 cm

Meknès-Tafilalet, Khénifra, Jebel Aouam
  Clear doubly terminated thick tabular crystals to 2 cm in stacked parallel groups to 3 cm. Perched on thick golden partial barite crystal. Also clear, large (7.5 cm) tabular crystal. Typical for locality fat tabular crystal, very clear and glossy, doubly terminated, 10.5x4 cm, perched on tan barite matrix. 10.5x7x3.5 cm.
Meknès-Tafilalet, Khénifra, Mibladen, (often from the ACF mine)
  From left:
  • Classic parallel milky blades to 2 cm (often larger) with bright vanadinite crystals;
  • Pink-salmon blades, 3 cm, with clear small equant cerussite crystals, 9 cm;
  • Large dark orange cockscomb blades, 7 cm specimen;
  • Cream colored blades with small vanadinites, 5 cm;
  • Unusual "bridges" of vanadinite on barite (really a vanadinite specimen) 2.0-2.5 cm each;
  • With wulfenite, overall 6.5 cm.
Meknès-Tafilalet, Khénifra, Midelt, Aouli
Sparkling off-white blades to 1 cm with small malachite balls to 0.4 cm. 6x6 cm.
Meknès-Tafilalet, Taouz, Mefis
  Nearly transparent fat tabular crystal, very little damage (a few rough edges), sharp, moderate luster (depending on face), with some small black inclusions and surface pits, 12x6x4 cm. From a locality known for large crystals but this one particularly good and complete.
Oriental, near Nador, Jebel Ouichane
  Locality formerly given as Sidi Lachen. Blue thin rounded blades, specimen 5x7 cm. Collected by François Lietard about 1975. Fairly wide light blue transparent blades in parallel straight group, very thin, about 4x1 cm each, perched on matrix, reddish brown coating and sandy/mud color under the crust. 7x5.5x5 cm overall, no apparent damage. Very thin narrow blue crystals in two groups meeting each other at near right angle. Transparent. Crystals to 3.7 cm. Small white rounded calcite rhombs in long thin groups near intersection of barite groups and on bottom. 7x4.5x4 cm. Wonderful "rose" 6x5x4 cm.
Souss-Massa-Draâ, Ouarzazate, Bouismas mine

Long thin needle-like crystals, doubly terminated, forming bow-tie from center, pale yellow, transparent tips to milky center. One main crystal 7 cm long; 7x2x0.8 cm overall.

Souss-Massa-Draâ, South of Tizi-n-Tichka, [Iflilt mine]
  Clear flat blades to 3 cm, some (goethite?) inclusions, on tiny quartz crystals, 6 cm group.
Souss-Massa-Draâ, near (probably south of) Tizi-n-Tichka
  2.5 cm cream blades with calcite groups entirely coated with sparkling tiny quartz with goethite inclusions. 8x10 cm specimen.
Otjozondjupa, Okoruso mine
  Pale green-yellow thin tabular blades to 0.6cm on thin black to bluish botryoidal (Mn oxide? Goethite?), on 0.5 cm layer of fluorite partial crystals zoned purple/blue, matrix red-brown + fluorite. The blocky complex white tabular crystals show several growth stages, to 1.5 cm (most smaller). Semi-glossy, a little iron stain remaining. On clear, lustrous fluorite cubes to 2 cm, blue, with some purple in fluorescent & daylight, dark purple in incadescent. 9x5.5 cm overall, very good for locality. Collected by Art Soregaroli in April 1994.
Karas, Gross Brukkaros, south of Keetmanshoop
This gemmy dark-gold zoned crystal with overgrowth of white second generation barite is 3 cm tall. Crystals also to 11 cm, can be tabular and opague or muddy gold. Deep olive gold long prismatic crystal, doubly terminated, transparent to cloudy towards terminations, zoning bands of red and yellow, 7x1.3 cm.
Karas, Rosh Pinah
  10 cm deep gold spray of “chisel” crystals to 4.5 cm (see similar in Sacco Collection book). Also 7 cm spray of very thin lighter gold blades, typical; also translucent, medium amber thick chisel shaped crystals to 4 cm in group, wider/thicker at tips than at bottoms. Some zoning. One side more lustrous, the other with more interesting crystals. 6.5x4 cm.
Oshikoto (sometimes spelled Otjikoto), Tsumeb, Tsumeb mine  
  Brown with orange highlights very glossy, thick tabular crystal, 3.5 cm high, with small grey dogtooth smithsonite crystals. 4x5.5 cm specimen. Occurs slightly larger, but this is top quality. Very few were recovered, in the upper levels.
Northern Cape Province, N'Chwaning mines
  Blue fairly clear tabular crystals to 2.5 cm somewhat resembling English barites, pyrite on base, good luster, 4.5 cm. Also clear thick 1 cm blade, several smaller, on dark red inesite needles, 6.5 cm; clear-grey elongated tabular crystals to 1.4 cm, nice "pyramid" faces, with white phantoms up the sides of the crystals, in group 7x5x2.5 cm; thick clear/gray tabular crystal with partial white rim, 1.7x3 cm. sitting in and on sparkling micro crystals, botryoidal, full coverage, of light pink rhodochrosite. 6x4.5x2.5 cm.
Gauteng, Carletonville, Elandsrand & Mponeng mines  
  Elandsrand: huge gray-deep yellow to grey elongated tabular crystals; this group is 70 cm x 30 cm and weigh 64 kilograms, probably the largest crystallized barite specimen in the world; MR 32/3, R&M 78/6.
Kef, Sidi Amor Ben Salem
  Very white ball of barite, 5 cm, with small points(0.4) cm of the crystals perched on galena. Ex- A. Carion, G. Gauthier, Les Fils d"Emile Deyrolle, M. & Mme. Grenon (1924 label). Type locality for cesarolite, see Dana (1951 vol. II phosgenite)
Copperbelt Province, Kitwe, Nkana mine
Zoned very translucent 4.5 cm crystal, grey-red.