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An aid to labeling display quality barite specimens

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Click picture to enlarge. Unless noted all specimens are from Bill & Diana Dameron’s barite suite


New South Wales, Broken Hill
Light green thin tabular blades in 1.9 cm groups scattered on plate of gray to milky tiny calcite crystals, 8x7.5x2.5 cm overall.
Queensland, Mt. Isa mine
Golden with chalcopyrite and copper inclusions to 5 cm. Scarce.
South Australia, South Flinders Ranges, Oraparinna mine
Parallel group of golden, blocky crystals to 2 cm, gemmy tips. 2x5 cm overall. Deep red (thick coating) flat tabular crystals, largest 2.3x1.7x0.8 cm with many smaller ones coating barite, 8x4.5 cm overall, good luster.
South Australia, Roxby Downs, Olympic Dam mine
Light caramel translucent glossy prismatic crystals to 4 cm in group on (apparently) micro sulfide matrix. 4x5 cm overall. Similar crystals to 4.5 cm, thick chisels, doubly terminated, with pyrite. UKJMM #17 & Rob Sielecki display at TGMS 07 (this photo, through glass). Dark gold tabular crystals to 1.2 cm on edge in clump, 3x3 cm, no damage, nice luster. Locality courtesy of George Stacey, who is quite certain it is Olympic Dam. Small classic tabular crystals to 2 cm, doubly terminated, dark ochre brown, yellowish highlights, resting on extremely fragile sulfide matrix (crumbles on sight) with small, slightly pink scalenohedrons of 0.5 cm calcites. 6x6 cm overall.
Tasmania, Rosebery, Rosebery mine
Bright transparent golden tabular crystals to 1 cm (largest) covering matrix, 9x5.5 cm.
North Island, Waikato, Mt. Te Aroha, Tui mine
Flat blades, clear or white, sometimes clear with white rims, to 3 cm. With quartz and ore minerals. MR 6/1.
Unknown locality, so far
  Very clear thin pointed tabular golden blades to 2.5 cm, lightly zoned, on matrix. 7x6.5x5 cm. No damage, VERY nice. BUT have been trying to pin down locality since 2008. Collectors Edge had similar in 2007 but label (Xikiuangshan) uncertain.
Chengkou, Chonqing, road tunnel
  Honey-colored pyrimidal crystals, translucent with vertical dark zoning up the middle, very interesting terminations. To 2 cm. Good luster. No matrix showing, group is 5.5x5x4 cm.
Guangxi, Nandan
Chisel crystals, pale yellow, very much in habit like most German Pöhla mine barite. Some very clear on matrix. This group, 4x6 cm, with greenish tinge in the center, phantoms.
Guangxi, Wuzhou, near Liubao, Wudong mine
Clear to milky chisel blades to several cm on pink rhodochrosite.
Guizhou, Qinglong, Quinlong ore field, Dachang mine
Cream colored blades in small groups, to 1.5 cm, on light purple fluorite modified cubes to 1 cm.
Guangxi Zhuang, Guilin, Yangshuo mine
  Thin, squarish barite crystals to 2 cm on edge, included with blue plumbogummite with very light edges, nor lustrous but very translucent, in middle of specimen of plumbogummite coating quartz, typical for locatily dark blue, very slightly translucent. First barite specimen from locality seen on market, evidently. 7x5.5x3 cm. Minor small pyromorphite crystals on back.
Henan, Lushi, Dahegou Antimony mine
  Glassy, blocky crystals, sometimes with very light beige/grey phantoms, to 5 cm. Often with stibnite crystals. Better specimens available.
Hubei, Daye area
  Very, very pale greenish blades to 1.5x1 cm packed in tight group, some white on tips. Solid barite plate, 6x7 cm. Dealer says she has been to the locality, but Daye area has many mine, so exact mine uncertain.
Hunan, Chenzhou
  White cockscomb groups to 2x1.3 cm on top of dark gold/brownish fluorite cubes, largest 2.5 cm square, dull surface. Tiny decomposed pyrites on and in the fluorites, 6x7 cm. Locality from Chinese dealer at Munich show.
Hunan, Fenghuang, Chatian mine
  Clear glossy flat tabular crystal 3.6 cm x 1.8 cm thick, 0.8 cm cinnabar crystal on top and very small cinnabar inclusions.
Hunan, Leiyang?
  Very good frosted pyramidal crystals, yellowish gray, to 10 cm with quartz. Stuart Wilensky had at Denver 04. No barite localities reported in Leiyang area of Hunan, so doubtful locality.
Hunan, Leiyang, Shangbao mine
  Thin very gemmy pointed tabular crystal, doubly terminated, <2 cm, perched on very white tiny dolomite crystals with tiny clear quartz crystals. Typical Shangbao dolomite quartz matrix.
Hunan, Linxiang, Taolin mine
  Blocky 3x4.5 cm clearish, white crystals coated by tiny clear-to-milky fluorites, some purple tinge to larger fluorites. 7x7.5 cm. Milky-clear thin blades to 4.5x5 cm on light green fluorite (crystal tops). 8x9 cm
Hunan, Yaogangxian
  Clear 2 cm blades, some yellow, with black calcite.
Hunan, Lengshuijiang, Xikuangshan mine
  Sometimes with stibnite crystals. Left to right:
  • Unusual milky chisel crystals to 2.5 cm coated with red hematite stain or dull milky coating on opaque white knobby quartz stalactites, to 12 cm;
  • Thick tabular crystals to 4 cm+, milky-grey, with thin stibnite inclusions; exterior stibnites turning to beige cervantite with stibnite cores;
  • Grungy thick blades, zoned, on quartz, with "crust" over barite over crystals;
  • Glassy, blocky crystals, very light beige/gray phantoms;
  • Complex thick tabular crystal, gold/grey, clear rim, 10 cm.
  • Amber-yellow shading to clear, thick long pyramidal crystals to 3 cm. 6x4.5x3.5 cm. Locality not entirely certain; given as somewhere in Hunan and seems to resemble those from Xikuangshan, with quartz matrix which has a few sulfides.
Jiangxi, Ruijing, Xiefang mine
  Also scattered on pyrite druse; reverse shows all of this is on tiny quartz druse after 1.5 cm fluorite crystals. Also 1.3 cm barite crystals on larger blue/grey fluorite cubes to 2 cm. Striking 3 cm zoned amber crystal perched on drusy fluorite matrix, complete coverage; sprinkled with tiny pyrite cubes, 7.5 cm specimen. LOCALITY FOR THE FOURTH SPECIMEN IS DOUBTFUL: Thick (1 cm) blocky tabular crystals to 4 cm, pale yellow translucent centers with thick (0.7 cm) opaque white rims clustered on matrix, excellent condition. Overall size is 12x12x9 cm. This is commonly used locality but a respected, long-time Chinese dealer say almost certainly NOT from Xiefang; still trying to determine real locality as of early 2017. Cover of extraLapis 48, Baryt, shows specimen from same locality and labeled Xiefang but no apparent confirmation of locality. Dark amber thick pyramidal 3 cm crystal, very translucent, gemmy and lustrous, interesting vicinal surface, perched on pale somewhat frosty light blue fluorite cubes with tiny white barite blades, 5.5x3x2.5 cm. Small (0.5 cm) olive-colored, lustrous, tabular barite crystals in compact group, about 6.5x2.5 cm, across the top portion (only) of a thin curved disc of pale dark purple fluorite. Small fluorite faces provide sparkle to the glossy botryoidal surface. Translucent. On back the concave portion in a deeper pocket in the center the fluorite turns to white sheaves. Interesting, attractive. 7.5x7.5x3 cm. Somewhat thick, complex tabular transparent crystals to 7 cm. 0.7 cm thick. In group, no damage, with a bit of green and purple tinged fluorite. Very nicely zoned; golden centers with zoning and clear rims. 9x6x5.5 cm.
Sichuan, near Danba
  Bluish fairly thin small bladed crystals in groups. Dr. Guanghua Liu specimen.
Sichuan, Jinkouhe quarries, Jinkouhe (near Ebian)

Quartz veins produce a variety of barite habits, tabular or chisel shaped, very clear to quite frosted crystals to 6 cm (or larger), usually with very clear thin quartz crystals and in large groups.

  • Six cm crystal, coating on modified edges with very clear quartz needles;
  • Nicely perched 1.5 cm crystal on quartz;
  • Very clear crystals, some with a with "faden" stripe, & quartz, 10 cm specimen;
  • Thick, clear/gray tabular blades to 4.5 cm, opaque narrow white pyramid faces, sawtooth edges;
  • White rimmed 2.5 cm crystals, 10 cm specimen;
  • Tiny calcites with this 4.5 cm crystal on quartz;
  • Very clear equant thick blades, 0.8 cm thick to 3 cm across, in aesthetic group, 6x5.5 cm overall. Interesting complex edges and milky phantoms near edges.
  • Clear-milky thick tabular doubly terminated blade, 3 cm, slightly yellow, "sawtooth" edges, with doubly terminated clear 3.5 cm quartz perched on it. 4x3.5x1.5 cm.

Sichuan, (near Xichan?)

  Light yellow, somewhat thick tabular crystals, glossy, 1.75 x 0.7 cm, on quartz druse on black, tough (quartzite?), tiny pyrite veins. Dealer said near Xichan, but needs confirmation.
Yunnan, Kunming, Dongchuan copper mines

Pale yellowish gray to deeper amber crystals to 3x6 cm in this 5x7 cm group. Gemmy with phantoms. Many, not all, resemble Villamassargia, Sardinia material. Also clear, glassy gold to 2 cm in group, w/gray phantoms. More unusual are these deep caramel gemmy crystals with black-appearing band of parallel, brass colored, metallic filiform (wire) inclusions near the edges. They are still smooth and brassy under 40x, not individual crystals. Some of the the wires make sharp (nearly 90 degree?) angle turns like classical pyrite growths and screw dislocations. There are occasional much larger (but still tiny, micro) pyrite micro crystals. Some have speculated chalcopyrite but geochemists and other experts confirm they are almost certainly pyrite. The barite crystals are up to 2.3 cm in this 4x5.5 cm group. (Original dealers called these pyrites "copper," perhaps because of the copper mine locality). The first two types are very common and mislabeled. With Bert Ottens we discussed this and drew maps with a trusted acquaintance who has been to the mine, which is not far from Qiaojia but not in that political subdivision. Dongchuan became a district of Kunming in 1998. See also Chris Schroeder's site http://www.rare-x.com/recherche.php?menua=barite&row=Main_Mineral.

Very clear, slightly milky grey "curved" chisel (Meißelspat) crystals to 1.5x2 cm (one large one) with glossy prism faces and sharply striated large (pinacoid) faces, in small group 3.5x3x2.5 cm. Locality per Bert Ottens, see ExtraLapis #48 Baryt. Also Very clear long chisel (Meißelspat) tip crystals to 3.5 cm in group, virtually no damage, a few striations on some faces. 5x4x3.5 cm. Locality per Bert Ottens, see ExtraLapis #48 Baryt.

(Yunnan, He Kou?) or (Xikuangshan, Hunan?)
  Thick golden sawtooth blades ~3.5x4.5 cm, 0.7 cm thick with a little quartz. Sold as from He Kou (right on border with Viet Nam AND reportedly the same locality as razor thin transparent gold crystals to 4 cm on matrix available for 1st time at Tucson 2008. Collectors Edge had the best of these latter (thin), one specimen, bought in China as being from Xikuangshan, Hunan). Yet another fairly Chinese dealer insists they are from Muli, Sichuan! SO it will be awhile before the locality is known.
  Clear thin blades to 0.5 cm mixed with enargite blades to 1 cm; 2.5 cm specimen.
Maharashtra, Aurangabad
  Evidently NOT from Jalna, but exact locality still not pinned down. Dr. Hemant Merchant (Mineral Decor) had this specimen, light gold/grey tabular barite groups, longest about 12 cm long, on typical blue Indian chalcedony at Tucson in 2008.
Maharashtra, Aurangabad, Jalna
  Thin, long blue, transparent diamond-cross section crystals with "scabs" of white barite & white barite peaked cap, to 10 cm. New about 2004. Also strange crystals, usually two distinct crystals: this one 4.5 cm yellowish-gray bottom, both terminations complete, frosted, and glossier thin crystal on top (8.5 cm) tapering to very thin; often a blue band in middle similar to specimen #1 and available faceted. Also 8 cm nicer blue, transparent, thick cystal, somewhat "pebbled." The translucent clear (no gloss) tabular crystal on tiny sparkling apophyllite crystals is 2.5 cm long; specimen is 5x8 cm. Large thin tabular blades to 4 cm on edge, translucent, slightly tan-yellow, in group. Perched on typical green-blue drusy quartz covered base, with calcite scalenohedrons to 5x3 cm, completely covered by drusy quartz, in groups. 12x10 cm overall. The barite is not covered by quartz. Somewhat thick tabular crystal, clear to slightly blue top and sides, milky bottom, light tan/yellow core, transparent edges, elsewhere translucent. Blebs of blue chalcedony on bottom half, one end etched, bottom contacted. 11x4.5x1.2 cm; prismatic crystal, transparent/translucent, good luster, slight yellow color 7 cm with shorter crystal on side, with green chalcedony covered with attractive lacwork of very light blue/white balls (chalcedony? mordenite?). Another barite in middle. 7x5x3.5 cm. Long light blue, translucent prismatic crystal, chisel termination with white "cap" of barite forming scepter. 8x2.5x2 cm. Dark, even-colored jade green, thin tabular crystal with crenelated terminations (not contacted or broken), main crystal 3x3x0.4 cm. Second crystal at bottom also large, and another slightly smaller crystal behind main crystal. Celadonite inclusions completely cover specimen, 4x3.5x2.5 cm. Excellent luster. Tested XRD 3/19.
Hokkaido, Hiyama, near Kaminokuni, Katsuyama Mine  
  Pale blue somewhat rough thick tabular crystal, translucent, nice luster 6x4x1.5 cm. A few rusted micro pyrite cubes on back. Also in clear thick tabular crystals to several centimeters.
Akita, Kosaka mine  
  Thick blocky clear crystals to 5+ cm (Wakabayashi Collection, U. of Tokyo )
Tohoku, Aomori, Mutsu, Osorezan volcano
  Tiny (to 6x4 mm) very thin clear diamond-shaped blades with black rims and inclusions, from hot part of volcano.Tiny (to 6x4 mm) very thin clear diamond-shaped blades with black rims and inclusions, from hot part of volcano.
Northern Areas, Baltistan, Shigar Valley, Alchuri
Small transparent barites occasionally to 6 cm (Dudley Blauwet has had a few).