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Click picture to enlarge. Unless noted all specimens are from Bill & Diana Dameron’s barite suite


British Columbia, Greenwood Mining Division, near Grand Forks, Rock Candy mine
  Nice gold color, thick (2 cm) crystal, 4.5 cm, not very lustrous, perched with smaller barites at base on green, lustrous "pebbled" fluorite octahedral tops. 6x9 cm overall. Collected by Joe Nagel; often in zoned translucent crystals like these thinner 2 cm blades on fluorite, 8 cm; gemmy, clear tabular crystals, light yellow/gold, some zoning, to 2.4 cm in group on clear, nearly micro fluorite crystals with micro barite crystals, minor quartz. Larger green fluorite crystals on bottom show through. 10x6x4.5 cm.
Newfoundland & Labrador, Aguathuna (Port au Port Peninsula)
Small nearly colorless chisel shaped crystals to 0.9 cm in groups, often with white barite overgrowth on corners. Old Aguathuna limestone quarry. 5x3x3 cm.
Newfoundland & Labrador, Colliers Bay  
  Flesh colored and white blades in rosettes, crystals to 2 cm or so.
Northwest Territories, Pine Point
Clear thick tabular crystals to 5+ cm. R&M 81/1.
Ontario, Pearl Station, Boulder Creek mine
  Dark red/gray thin irregular blades, opaque, red due to iron oxide inclusions, in compact masses, in sort of rosette group, but individual crystals hard to pick out. Some damage but hard to distinguish this from perfect crystals. On deep colored tiny amethyst crystals, full coverage. Barite group 4 cm, 7x6.5x5.5 cm overall.


Nova Scotia, Colchester Co., Five Islands, Eureka mine
  Clear, thin golden square tabular blades to 1.5 cm pressed in group into white/pink barite matrix, 5x3.5x2 cm overall. Almost certainly Eureka mine per Ronnie Van Dommelen. Ex-Philadelphia Academy, J. L. Chipman specimen.
Nova Scotia, Colchester Co., Five Islands, Lynn road
  Several clear tabular crystals in group, each about 3.5 cm, no matrix but turning to pink barite at bottom. Minimal damage. 4.5x3.5x1.2 cm. Locality detail per Ronnie Van Dommelen, who notes collected about 2000.
Nova Scotia, Hants Co., Walton, Whale Cove
  Nearly clear prismatic crystals with complex terminations, milky rectangleular phantoms in middle and on some termination faces, to 1.3 cm, thickly covering hematite matrix, some micro hematite crystals on back. 9.5x6x4.5 cm. Among the best from the locality per Rod Tyson. Exact locality per Ronnie Van Dommelen, MinDat.
Ontario, Hastings Co., Madoc, Rogers mine property
  Cream colored rosettes to 1.5 cm with clearish/gray/green modified fluorite cubes; 6 cm. Occurs in better specimens.
Ontario, Thunder Bay District, McKellar's Island and other localities  
  This iron stained stained crystal (through the glass) at the Seaman Museum about 8 cm. Also in transparent colorless crystals to 3 cm (Beaver Junior mine near O'Connor).

Québec, Chicoutimi County, St-Honoré, Niobec mine

  Scepter on matrix, 11 cm, with smaller, clearer scepters, 14 cm; one of the best. Heavy pyrite coating, 5 cm. Classic flat tabular 3.5 cm cream/white crystal, complete floater, with tiny pyrites on it. Also occurs with tiny calcite crystals.

Québec, St-Fabien, Roy & Ross mine

Clear prismatic crystals somewhat resembling Book Cliffs, CO. This László Horváth specimen is 2.5x2.5 cm.

Québec, Montreal City, Montreal, Francon quarry

Several forms (MR 37/1). Crystals to 4 cm, often tabular, thick or thin or columnar. Colorless, white or pale yellow or pink. These are László Horváth specimens & photos. First specimen 4 cm tall; second specimen 4.5 cm.
Yukon Territory, Mayo Mining District, Elsa, Husky mine
Blocky, lustrous transparent crystals to 5 cm (Mark Mauthner)
Yukon Territory, Dawson Mining District, Rock River, Touché Patience claims
  White/blue blocky glassy translucent crystals to 5 cm.
Baja California Sur, Punta Conception
  Thin clear to milky needles to 1 cm densely packed on matrix, 4.5x7 cm overall; long (3 cm), thick (0.9 cm) crystals, grouped/integrown with multiple terminations, milky/very pale blue cast, 6x4 cm overall. Not glossy. Found/collected by Byron Wegee mid-1990s.
Chihuahua, Cusihuiriachic
  White thin chisel shaped barite crystals, sawtooth edges. Crystals 1.2 cm wide but with only 0.5 cm of tips sticking up VERY difficult to photgraph; white, slightly translucent, good luster. . Very small calcite rhombs scattered around. 9x6x3.5 cm overall.
Chihuahua, Municipio Jimenez, San Pascual de las Adargas, San Pascual mine
  Gray-blue tabular crystals to 2+ cm; reddish/brown (iron stain) inclusions, zoned, 6x7 cm specimen. Also r smaller crystals (.04 cm) with white rims, in groups, 5x6 cm specimen. Dennis Beals' very attractive specimen has thin blue blades to 0.5 cm on the 7x8.5 cm specimen with tiny white calcites.
Chihuahua, Naica
  Golden, squarish thin complete tabular blades to 2.5 cm with included pyrite crystals on white calcite, also scattered with pyrite. A neat, tightly packed group of calcite scalenohedrons, not-quite-clear, to 1 cm on matrix with nice zoned tabular grey barite blade, 1.3 cm, another tiny barite, all covered with micro pyrite crystals. 10x4 cm (arguably a calcite specimen). Two large thumbnail floaters with tiny calcite scalenohedrons, ~3 cm maximum. Transparent thin olive-golden tabular blades to 1.3 cm, most smaller, in a very thin "sheet" 11 cm across, covering both sides, tiny amount of matrix on back.
Chihuahua, Santa Barbara District, San Diego mine
  Gray tabular "chisel" crystals to 1.5 cm, slight greenish tinge in some light, in plate made up of crystals, good luster. 15x10x2 cm overall, fragile. First mined about Jan 2017. Some have attractive yellow staining inside so luster maintained. Ric Blair in 2016 obtaining new finds (fluorite, calcite also) in the Santa Barbara area.
Chihuahua, Santa Eulalia, San Antonio mine  
  Barite pseudomorphs after calcite to 2.5 cm, dirty brown color, "challenged." Megaw collection.
Chihuahua, San Pedro Corralitos, Congreso-Leon mine
  Thin, pointed opaque milky blades to 0.9 cm, some with attractive iron staining, completely covering barite matrix. 7x6.5 cm. Very thin clear blades to 2.4 cm in groups scattered on limonite matrix, 5.5x8.5 cm.
Durango, Mapimi, Ojuela mine
  Attractive clearish blades to 2.5 cm, greenish tinge, on limonite in 6.5 cm group. Also same, gold tinge, 4 cm group. Also thicker light blue tabular blades to 1.9 cm in group. Thin square/rectangular tabular crystals to 3 cm, olive-yellow, zoned, translucent, in group 4.5x2.5 cm.
Guanajuato, Guanajuato, La Sirena mine, 590 level
  Thin "rosette" of white blades 1.6 cm across, perched on 5.5x3.5 cm polybasite/pearceite matrix.
Guerrero, Taxco, Guerrero mine, El Solar shaft


Fragile clear pale blue “arrows” to 7.5 cm group; thicker light blue tabular blades to 4.5 cm coated on one side and edges with clear/milky calcite balls/rhombs, 5.5 cm specimen. Often labeld "El Solar" mine or "Level 4," El Solar mine. Unusual almost pinkish rosettes of barite to 0.4 cm coating quartz crystal group, completely on back, partially on some sides. Slightly hoppered quartz with many growth hummocks; warm gray, no damage. Largest quartz crystal is 9 cm. 9x6x6 cm. John Kassionas collection. Original label: Guerrero. Jean des Rivieres, Dennis Beal certain Taxco, likely Los Remedios; Guerrero part was correct. Barite confirmed XRD John Attard 2017-8.

Guerrero, Taxco, Los Remedios mine
  Pale thin opaque grey-beige blades to 2 cm covered with tiny bright pyrite crystals.
Sonora, Cananea, Milpillas mine
  Unusual thin light blue tabular blades to about 0.9 cm in a 3.5 cm group, much like Taxco material, perched on malachite; overall size about 6.5 cm. Valenzuela Minerals specimen. Clear tabular 4 cm line of blades to 1.5x1 cm, with growth phantoms, perched on velvety malachite. 5.5x7 cm overall; translucent gray tabular crystals to 2 cm with thin white rims in group on matrix with malachite pseudomorphs after azurite to 2.4 cm and plancheite, 7x6 cm overall; light green, thick tabular crystal 2.7x2 cm with smaller, clearer crystals, large malachite vug on front, 7.5x8 cm overall. Transparent very thin tabular blades, zoned, to 1.3 cm in group, with light green tinge, especially in middle, from malachite inclusions. 2.9x2.5 cm. Thin tabular crystals to 2 cm, zoned with white, on light colored matrix, very pale green/blue color in centers of barites, 7x6.5x5 cm.Very nice thin, sharp flat tabular complex crystal (or crystal group), no noticable damage, 5.5x4.5x1.4 cm. Green tinge, somewhat blue in some light. Very thin, very clear barite blades to 1 cm on sharp malachite after azurite pseudomorphs, largest 2.5 cm. No damage. 5x3.5x2 cm. Transparent, very slight blue-tinged thin blades to 2.4 cm on edge, "butterfly" group 6x3.5x2 cm. Delicate. Small malachite crust at bottom.
Sonora, Magdalena, San Francisco mine
  Sprays of white opaque tabular crystals, about 2.5 cm, with wulfenite and mimetite.
Veracruz, Las Vigas de Ramirez, Piedra Parada, Municipio de Tatatila
Very thin milky blades to 1x2+ cm dusted with micro red lepidicrocite crystals, with tiny quartz crystals and two nice 2.5 cm amethyst scepters. Jason New had these huge groups, to 10 cm, on epidote in his case at Tucson in 2010, one is his, one his father's (Mike).
Zacatecas, Sombrerete, San Martin
  Small 1.5 cm stacked crystals, zoned with white rims, gray centers perched on small white calcite rhombs covered with clear micro fluorite cubes with jamesonite needle inclusions and micro sulfides, pyrite, what looks like marcasite but probably chalcopyrite, quartz and perhaps galena. Locality per Peter Megaw. 5x3x2 cm.
Zacatecas, Nieves, Santa Rita mine
  Thick euhedral gray & black (jamesonite inclusions) tabular crystal, 5.5x4.5x1 cm thick, on small matrix of tiny quartz crystals and 1 cm pyrite crystals. Smaller 1.5 cm crystal in middle of main crystal and yet another smaller one perched on that. 7x4.5x2.5 cm overall. Locality and jamesonite confirmed by Peter Megaw.