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Click picture to enlarge. Unless noted all specimens are from Bill & Diana Dameron’s barite suite


Boulder Co., White Raven mine  
  Tabular barite crystals to 1 cm on edge; white rims, centers covered with micro siderites which in turn are heavily included with bright galena, making for a sparkling dark gray. About 20 of these in various sizes on matrix showing small tan siderite crystals with some galena; top rimmed with larger galena crystals, to 0.7 cm, some elongated cubic/octahedral habit, luster from glossy to matte. 7.5x4.5x3.5 cm overall. Ex Willard Wulff.
Dolores Co., Rico Argentine mine, Aztec mine  
  Crystals up to 2.5 cm, thin white rosettes reported from Aztec mine.
Eagle Co., Gilman, Eagle Mine
  The very gemmy stalactite is 4x8 cm, no damage.
El Paso Co., 21st Street, Colorado Springs
  Small (1 cm) crystals, gold, like Elk Creek South Dakota in concretions with calcite. Also labeled from Academy Blvd. & B St.
Jackson Co., Teller City
  Grey to pale yellow very blocky crystals, 2.5 cm on edge, 6x3.5 cm overall. Larry & Carmen Piekenbrock self collected specimen..
Lake Co., Black Cloud mine
  Left to right: Classic rounded golden-amber crystal, transparent, 1.5x2 cm, with sharp triangular phantom on 2x3.5 cm matrix with tiny pyrites; Dave Bunk's specimen (Jeff Scovil Photo) a little under 2 cm. Unusual thin, pointed tablular crystals to 1.4x.05 cm, dark gold but many thinly coated with secondary barite or limestone matrix. In tight group, many crystals, 4x5 cm overall.
Lake Co., Leadville, Sherman mine
  Golden tabular crystal, very glossy, 7 cm; glossy,very gemmy crystal group, terminatead on both left and right sides, 6.5x4.5 cm. Nice plate of gemmy crystals to 2 cm, 6.5x8.5 cm overall. Typical pale yellow, thin gold colored tabular barite blade with small globules of malachite thick on back and some edges, 4x4 cm. Some identify these light green globules as rosasite.
Mesa Co., Grand Junction, Book Cliffs
  Very clear prismatic crystal, 3.5 cm, on matrix; 5x6 cm overall. Usually not this pristine. They occur larger, and similar crystals in concretions have been found in Otero Co. Somewhat west of the classic locality Robert Stoufer found these very dark amber crystals to 1.4 cm. Many broken and not lustrous, but nice potential; 4x5 cm overall. Dan Kile's specimen about 6 cm across.
Mesa Co., near Mack
  Concretions sometimes contain barite, rarely as good as this Dick Dayvault specimen, about 6x5 cm.
Mesa County, Copper Rivet mine
  Very small white opaque cockscomb barite, blades ~0.4 cm, in groups, large areas coated with somewhat smaller rounded calcite scalenohedrons and malachite blebs. On sandstone matrix, touch of iron oxides also. Sparkling, 5x3 cm overall. Collected by Robert Stoufer 1990, West portal. Dick Dayvault's specimen about 8x5 cm.
Mesa Co., south of Gateway, Dolores River Canyon, Genevieve mine
Milky to clear crystals to 2.5 cm with small octahedral frosted white fluorites, slight warm tinge. This TN 2.4x2.75 cm.
Mineral Co., near Creede, Bulldog Mountain mine  
  Whitish, milky rarely translucent tabular crystals, sometimes to 13 cm. This Denver Museum of Nature and Science specimen, one of the best, is about 45 cm across. The second specimen, about 22 cm, was displayed at the 2008 Denver show in a special case on the mines of Creede; it has white pointed tabular glossy blades with overgrowth "steps" to nearly 5 cm on edge, with native silver. Specimen courtesy of Bill Harrison. The smallest specimen is typical white thin tabular blades, opague. Large crystal 4x5.5 cm; glossy, 5x8 cm overall.
Mineral Co., Wagon Wheel Gap (CF&I mine)
  Somewhat translucent semi-lustrous blocky crystals, 2 cm (sometimes larger), on frosted purple fluorite faces, all on clear fluorite.
Montrose Co. and perhaps nearby counties  
  Septerian nodules of Mancos Shale very, very rarely have yellow barite crystals to 3 cm.
Otero Co., near La Junta  
  Almost identical to Book Cliffs, in concretions with calcite, though even larger (to 15 cm) and can be very clear and superb. Uncommon; almost all collected by Dan and Dee Kile. This stubby crystal 2.5x4.5 cm. Dan and Dee Kile's "poster" specimen is about 7 cm tall; perfect. The next Kile specimen is over 16 cm high.
Ouray Co., Black Girl mine
  Opaque thin, stepped, white blades to 3.5 cm on drusy quartz xls. 6x7 cm overall.
Ouray Co., Bankers & Exchange mine
  White blades to 2.5 cm (can reach 6 cm) encrusted with tiny quartz crystals. 4.5x3 cm overall. Mine connected to Bona Hensel. Collected by Robert Stoufer 2001. Locality sometimes given as Dexter Creek, but actually Cutler Creek.
Ouray Co., Camp Bird mine
  Uncommon. Thin cockscomb group, 2x2 cm, nearly white (slight warm tinge), with pyrite in group, perched on small (to 0.5 cm) bright sphalerite crystals (the matrix) and some small pyrite, 8x5 cm overall, collected 1970s. Also occurs as white, sometimes bluish tabular crystals to over 3 cm. These 1.8 cm crystals on thumbnail with sphalerite and quartz (Gene Tribbey photo & collection). Small (0.3 cm) clear tabular blade in vug with clear quartz crystals to ~ 1 cm and brown siderite spherules to 0.7 cm, scattered micro calcite crystals, 5x4.5x4.5 overall. Rare from Camp Bird.
Ouray Co., Red Mountain district, Charter Oak mine
  Thin transparent zoned yellow blades, good luster, to 0.7 cm on silicified tuff. 4.5x2.5 cm overall. Collected by Robert Stoufer, early 1980s.
Ouray County, Grizzly Bear Mine, Zanett Tunnel
  Several tiny thin white barite blades to 0.9 cm in group of milky quartz crystals to 1.2 cm. 5.5x5 cm overall.
Ouray Co., Guston mine
  Milky white tabular crystal fragment, 4x5 cm. Large for locality, from dump. Collected by Gene Tribbey. Quite ugly but quite rare from Guston.
Ouray Co., Mother Cline mine  
  White blades with quartz, to 3 cm.
Ouray Co., Mineral Farm
  A real crystal fragment with modified faces, thick (1.5 cm), milky, translucent, some interior iron staining, about 45% or whole crystal, 4x2.8 cm. Found 2011 by Tom Hughes and Benjy Kuehling. Mineral Farm has many barite prospects, but one mostly finds cleaved pieces, although crytals larger than micros have been collected. Well-known quartz locality.
Ouray Co., National Belle mine
  Usually aesthetically challenged white crystals to 5 cm. From left: this first group is 3.5 cm; the second has most of a 4 cm crystal with a white rim. Self-collected, thus allowing for an exception to the "attractive" specimen criteria.
Ouray Co., Ouray (almost in city)
  White thin blades to 2 cm with tiny sparkling quartz xls. 4.5x5 cm overall. Collected in 1999 by Gene Tribbey at Benjy Kuehling locale "practically within Ouray city limits."
Ouray Co., Senorita mine
  Delicate white blades to 1.9 cm on tiny quartz crystals in groups, 6 cm overall.
Ouray Co., Brown Mountain, Topeka mine
  Thin tabular clear to grey crystals with wide white rims, to 1.1 cm in vug, no damage. Quartz needles to 1.4 cm (one this large). Specimen is 5.5x5 cm. Collected by Robert Stoufer, 1991. Likely the best barite from this locality better known for anatase and brookite micros.
Ouray Co., Uncle Sam mine
  Found very near Uncle Sam mine by Robert Stoufer. Thin white somewhat zoned, slightly translucent blades to 0.7 cm. A few perched in among milky quartz crystals with clear tips to 1 cm, in group (also tiny quartz needles). 5x5 cm overall.
Park Co., Hartsel
  Group of glossy, translucent, tabular blades to 3 cm; some blue. mostly dark yellow, zoned, 10x7 cm, excellent condition, some serrations on tips. From Don Knowles' summer 1995 diggings. Highly unusual for locality, a group of three tabular, pointed stacked back-to-back crystals with another group of three smaller stacked crystals on the side; light blue-gray, thin dark blue zoning near edges, some yellow, and typical tiny-spear point growth features on large faces, 4x3.5 cm overall. Also a stalactitic spray of parallel, gray-cream spear-point translucent crystals to 0.5 cm wide. 3x6 cm overall, collecteed 1995. Common, but good specimens are scarce.
Park Co., Crystal Peak area
  Very near Lake George Ray Berry found several small barites in 1979; small tabular blades, one to 2.5 cm (this 1 cm), brownish-white, with small scalenohedrons of calcite, some goethite. In 1972, Clarence Coil told Joel Arem he found colorless barite in a pocket with barylite (MR III-3).
Pitkin Co., Aspen district
  White blades to 2.5 cm with sulfides (CSM display); reportedly yellow crystals from Smuggler mine.
Rio Grande Co., near Summitville district
  1.4 cm gray-blue tabular crystal, glossy, nice striations, with two smaller barite crystals in rough, rounded calcite crystals, in nodule of chalcedony. 5.5x5x3 cm.
Rio Grande Co., Muddy Creek
  Clear, white or gray fairly thin tabular crystals. This clear/grey crystal with zoning is 4 cm. The white ones are 3 cm each; specimen itself is 6.5 cm wide. The piece with clearer crystals with modified faces (self collected) is 3x3 cm. Small (to nearly 1 cm) somewhat clear to milky white crystals in tight groups with some individual crystals perched on attractive mass of solid crystals. 7x4 cm, collected 2010.
San Juan Co., Cunningham Gulch, Highland Mary mine
  From upper open cut. Tiny cream-colored blades to 0.4 cm in groups on interesting knobs of tiny milky quartz crystal points. 7x4.5 cm overall. Collected 9/2010 by Mark Mahlam.
San Juan Co., Hurricane Pass
  White barite blades to 1 cm encrusted with quartz druse. Small pyrite pyritohedrons. 5x6 cm overall; thin white barite blades to 0.7 cm lining 3x3 cm vug, covered with drusy quartz, with bright 0.3 cm pyrite pyritohedrons scattered about. 3.5x4.5 cm overall. Collected by Gene Tribbey 1995.
San Juan Co., Longfellow mine
  Enough faces on the crystal to qualifiy it as a crystal, ugly as it is. Milky white thick crystal fragment, 2x3.5. This was personally collected and in a place right at the mine where it could not have come from somewhere else. Very thin white blades to 0.5 cm in vugs, with micro sulfides; 5x4.5 overall.
San Juan Co., Silver Lake Basin, "Round Mountain" area
  Tiny thick barite blades, to 0.4 cm wide, equant, snow white rims, milky centers, perched on quartz needles to 1 cm with glossy transparent light amethyst tips, all in thick group. 4.5x4 cm. Collected by Benjy Kuehling from area in the basin known locally as Round Mountain.
San Juan Co., Sunnyside mine
  Must be very rare from the Sunnyside, but see Dave Bunk's white barite blades on nice pink rhodochrosite, 2.8 cm wide, on page 75 of Lithographie's No. 15 issue "The San Juan Triangle of Colorado-Mountains of Minerals," 2011.
Weld Co., Stoneham (some evidently nearer Raymer, or in Logan Co.)
  These fairly gemmy, lustrous light blue crystals are 7 cm tall and as is common, with small light yellow calcite crystals. The small very clear crystal about 3.5 cm tall. The two darker crystals, virtually no damage, do not have bright luster, but really are about this color, and are 8.5 cm long, each. Very translucent/transparent doubly terminated crystal, 8.5x1.2 cm, frosted "pyramid" edges, other faces pretty glossy. Three smaller crystals stick out like arms to the sides from the same location, from 3 cm to 1.2 cm. Very thin.