U.S. except Colorado, Nevada
EUROPE except Spain, Romania, British Isles


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UNITED STATES except Colorado, Nevada

Alaska, Kuiu Island, Rocky Pass area
  Black small (to 0.5 cm) chisel crystals densly covering matrix; black comes from a coating and small blems of romanechite (tested). Crystals gray and slightly translucent if uncoated. On thin white barite layer on brecciated matrix. 3.5x6 cm overall. From vertical cliff about 5 miles from barrerite locality. Coll. ~1990.
Arkansas, Hot Springs County, Magnet Cove, Chamberlain Creek, Magcobar mine
  Thin clear blades to 1.5 cm. Occurs bigger, thicker from this barite mine.
Arkansas, Sebastian County, near Excelsior (labeled only Excelsior Springs?)
  Milky flat tabs slight zones to 0.75 cm in groups on quartz.
Arizona, La Paz County, Pure Potential (North Geronimo) mine  
  Occasionally white barite blades to several cm; this is 4.7 cm specimen.
Arizona, La Paz County, Buckskin Mts., Hesson mine
  Tiny thin white blades to 0.5 cm coating blue (some purple) fluorite matrix, 4x5 cm. These collected by Steve Knox in 2010. Also occurs with calcite.
Arizona, Maricopa Co., Rowley mine
  OK, this is primarily a wulfenite specimen. But I can't get decent barites from Rowley; everyone wants the flashy wulfenite (for some reason…). These milky-beige barite blades to 1.5 cm are similar to Morocco material and many others. It does occur in better barite specimens, and clearer.
Arizona, Mohave Co., Cerbat Mts.
  Thickish dark yellow, not very lustrous, translucent tabular crystals to 2.5 cm in groups.
Arizona, Navaho Co., "PFR" Ranch (near Petrified Forest Nat. Park)
  Tiny white fragile, feathery blades to 0.5 cm sparsely scattered on petrified wood which is coated with tiny globular mineral (quartz?). 4x7 cm.
Arizona, Pinal Co., Magma mine
  Arizona 's best known (and most attractive) barites. These nearly black crystals are 4 cm. Occurs generally as tabular, lustrous crystals to 5 cm, sometimes gemmy, from nearly black to dark or medium amber. The Presmyk specimen (Wendell Wilson photo) is 3.3 cm. The group (there are also crystals in back) is very hard to photograph; it is 4x4 cm and was collected in 1981.
Arizona, Pinal Co., San Manuel mine
Clusters of colorless tabular crystals to >2.5 cm on light grey sandy matrix of quartz, with pyrite (per Mark Hay).
Arizona, Pima Co. Weldon (alt. Welden) mine &/or Quijotoa (mine, district, ghost town)
Small pinkish beige blades in groups shaped like (American) "footballs" or sometimes more rounded rosettes. Nice semi-football, 5x9 cm, very pale color, with small flat calcite blades on one end. Barbara Muntyan's large perched "football" is about 10 cm, on quartz with some calcite. The rosettes on the miniature reach 2.5 cm; 3.5x3.5 cm overall, with tiny sparkling quartz crystals.
Arizona, Yavapai Co., Bradshaw range, Battle Flat district, Hideaway mine
This 2.5 cm crystal collected by Ray Lasmanis
California, Imperial Co., Ocotillo,
  Uncommon, ho-hum 2 cm crystals.
California, Los Angeles Co., Azusa, Felix mine
Thin tabular white crystals reportedly havea been found at this fluorite locality.
California, Los Angeles Co., Palos Verdes
  Accessible locality, commonly collected. Deep yellowish to tan translucent lustrous blades to 3 cm, 5.5x4 cm overall. Usually in groups. Also blue with white tips, crystals 2.5 cm (4 cm specimen).
California, Mariposa Co., El Portal mine
Crested white blades to 8 cm reported from this former mine. Blades in first specimen to 0.8 cm in groups on this 6 cm specimen; the wannabe crystals in the vug are about 0.7 cm; 4x5 cm overall.
California, Mono County, White Mts., Champion mine  
  Thick pyrimidal light gold crystal, glossy with somewhat duller indented areas on faces, 3x1.5 cm, apparently a floater. Light salmon colored crystal group 2.5x1.3 cm, translucent, glossy, perched on small clear needles, 5x5 cm overall. Collected 2007 by Chris Lehmann.
California, Orange County, Red Hill deposit
Some pinkish opague thin tabular crystals with cinnabar reported at this cinnabar locality.
California, San Bernadino Co., Lead Mountain mine  
  Flat, tabular crystals to 1.5 cm in groups, clear with white rims/phantoms. Specimen 5 cm across. Solid thick group of thin tabular crystals, clear to milky, to 1 cm, 10x6 cm. Collected 1986. Also occurs in larger crystals.
San Diego Co., La Zanja Canyon
Light to dark golden glossy pointed tabular crystals to 5+ cm in concretions. The 2.6x5.2 cm large crystal (Rob Levinsky's) is one of the largest, although some were gemmier. This thumbnail of Cal Graeber's (3 cm) is somewhat more golden than in the picture. Collected in late 1960s or so, the locality is now all developed.
Connecticut, Hartford Co., Bristol mine  
  Opague white blades in petal-like groups to 2.5 cm; also more transparent, tabular. With quartz. MR32 p.433
Connecticut, New Haven Co., Cheshire (Jinny Hill) baryte mine
  3x4 cm clear, zoned, thin tabular crystal.
Connecticut, Tolland Co., Somers
  Beige to caramel colored rounded blocky crystals, generally 1.5 cm (there is one in back which is 3.5 cm) in jumbled group on barite matrix, 5.5x6 cm overall. Collected at construction site by Bill Clark 2006, ex-Betts.
Georgia, Bartow Co., Cartersville
  Occurs in a wide variety of forms & colors; one of the top US barite localities. Left to right:
  • Clear nearly “oval” prismatic crystals to 2 cm, mostly iron stained;
  • Very clear needles a little over 1 cm each;
  • More commonly, pale blue crystals to 3 cm (these a 6 cm group);
  • Clear sharp crystal, 5 cm;
  • Group of sharp translucent crystals, 3.5 x 7 cm group;
  • Beautiful 10 cm spray;
  • A similar 10 cm group;
  • A 15 cm tan-beige plate of tabular crystals;
  • A 6 cm plate of thin white crystals;
  • Clear 2 cm zoned spear;
  • Clear blade 3.5 cm wide;
  • Very deep blue blades; overall size 5x6 cm;
  • Grey translucent spears to 2 cm; 6x7 cm specimen.
  • Typical thick chisel crystals to 5x2.3 cm each, glassy, blue, in group, 9x7 cm overall. Also typical preferential tan coating which slightly penetrates barite.
  • Typical chisel-shaped crystals in thick, tightly packed mass of crystals, but all distinct, to about 4 cm long. Front is side of crystals; flat faces have typical Cartersville coating, light beige, under surface, Excellent luster, condition. Ex Chester Karwoski.
Idaho, Custer Co., Spar Canyon  
  Blocky crystals, fairly large, often pitted, not attractive.
Idaho, Custer Co., Willow Creek, East of Freighter Springs
  Tabular cream colored crystals rarely to 5 cm. Usually smaller, this 5 cm group has a nice 1.5 cm crystal. The larger crystal is 3 cm side.
Idaho, Lemhi Co., Gravel Range district  
  Good tabular white crystals, commonly over 2.5 cm
Illinois, Hardin Co.

Wide variety of specimens from the mines. Left to right:

  • Simple white chisel tips to 2 cm;
  • From Minerva #1, pure white “busy” stalactites of small crystals;
  • Light blue crystal spray balls to 2.5 cm on snowy calcite, Minerva #1;
  • From Denton mine, attractive translucent yellow glossy tabular crystals to 3 cm, group of 3 with tiny calcites on fluorite;
  • Also from Denton, barite balls to 0.6 cm inside of yellow fluorite cubes to 2.5 cm,7 cm overall (see similar in Gems & Gemology XXXIV); plus closeup of inclusion;
  • From Annabel Lee, thick milky glossy spears on fluorite, 7 cm specimen;
  • Light blue-grey tabular xls to 1.5 cm on fluorite, 9 cm specimen, Annabel Lee;
  • Huge LA County Museum specimen;
  • Unusual grey, very blocky crystals, Minerva mine, 4x6 cm specimen;
  • The unusual clear gold thin crystals are in tight groups, the largest tabular/chisel crystal in back ~1.4 cm; on purple fluorite, 3x4 cm overall, from Annabel Lee;
  • Cave-in-Rock district. Very pale blue (nearly white) blades to 1.4 cm in groups on tiny purple fluorite crystals, 3x5 cm.
  • Very pale yellow "rosette" group of thick tabular crystals to 1.5 cm with nice chisel tips, glossy, in tight bunch on purple fluorite, 4.5x5 cm, Annabel Lee.
  • Denton mine, Sub-Rosiclare Level, Cream-colored, zoned flat barite blade with sawtooth edges, translucent in center, nearly-white rims, 3.7 cm, perched on one end of dark purple fluorite crystalline martrix with micro calcites. 8x3.7x2.5 cm.
  • Crystal Victory Mines Complex, 4x3.5x3 cm, gray crystals on fluorite cube.
  • Annabel Lee, Dendritic crystals, elongated in stringy ball. 13x8x5.5 cm.
  • Tabular complex crystals in group, crystals to 0.7 cm thick and 4 cm long, also smaller crystals, some white sawtooth tips on large crystals, 5x5x2 cm. Light blue, translucent, good luster.
  • Excellent groups of light blue rounded tabular crystals to 5 cm, translucent, good luster and color, perched on fluorite matrix heavily covered with pale gray (slight yellow tinge) calcite scalenohedrons to 1.9 cm. 9x7x5.5 cm. Locality per Ross Lillie.
  • Very pale tan pointed crystals to about 2 cm in bunches, all massed together, 11x8x5.5 cm. From bottom these are stalactites, with hollow holes under each group. Ex Roy Smith M464
Illinois, Hancock Co.
  In the “Keokuk” geode deposits barite crystals up to 5 cm; this is a 1.5 cm crystal, with calcite crystals.
Illinois, Pope Co., Gaskin mine  
  Golden tabular crystals to 7cm on fluorite 8/74. Light sensitive. Uncommon. Also smaller, grayish crystals. MR6/5.
Indiana, Monroe Co. (near Harrodsburg), SR 37 Roadcut
  Golden tabular gemmy crystals to 2.5 cm, with dolomite (ankerite?), fairly common in quartz geodes, often with calcite. R&M 61/3.
Indiana, Monroe Co., Monroe Reservoir Spillway
  Very pale yellow, very thin tabular crystals of barite to 2.5 cm, no damage, in group in geode. Also several pillars of milky calcite columns to 3+ cm, apparently several generations of overgrowth with non-glossy luster. Overall 11x8.5x4 cm. Collected May 31, 1989 by Peter Tescione.
Iowa, Black Hawk Co., Raymond, Pint's Quarry
  White "pebbly" blades (opague coating of clear crystals) to 1.5 cm in groups in limestone cavity on brownish calcite with many micro octahdral pyrites or sphalerites scattered on barite, & a few clear calcite crystals to 0.7 cm. 7x7.5 cm. Good for locality, known for fluorite & calcite.
Iowa, Keokuk Co., Keswick, Keswick Quarry
  Thick (1 cm) tabular 2.5x4 cm crystal in group, 5 cm overall, clear to grey but with off white coating.
Iowa, Scott Co., Buffalo, Linwood Quarry


SEE R&M VOL. 92, NO. 1, 2017

  • Light gray/slightly tan clear glassy doubly terminated “coffin” xl, sawtooth, 5 cm (nearly complete);
  • Very thin grey elongated blades to 1 cm in thick groups;
  • Slightly golden clear barite and calcite crystal; specimen is 3x5 cm;
  • The 2.5x2 cm thumbnail is gem clear, very unusual crystal with deep etching on bottom;
  • Clear crystals (new 2008), high luster, longest is 4 cm, appearing to be hemimorphic (which barite isn't) with different terminations on each end, perched on thin calcite plate with a row of 1 cm crystals; 7x8 cm overall;
  • Even clearer gemmy crystals to 1.3 cm, 4x5 cm specimen;
  • The large plate is quite attractive. Clear to grey crystals, pyrimidal with complex growth and terminations, most small to 2.9 cm but one very complex 6.5 cm crystal, "V" growth at top. No damage, just weird growth. 9x10 cm;
  • VERY clear crystals, largest 2.5x2 cm in group, no damage, 4x5 cm overall;
  • Coffin shaped tabular crystals, cloudy grey, to 1x4 cm, most faces coated with drusy secondary barite;
  • Light yellow transparent crystal, doubly terminated 7.6x4.3 cm with smaller 2.3 cm chisel crystal sticking up on it, micro chalcopyrite & calcite on back;
  • Very pale yellow barite crystals to ~6 cm, transparent/somewhat cloudy. Doubly terminated, sawtooth edges, prominent prisms, on grey translucent to nearly transparent modified calcite rhombs to 3 cm, all covering matrix 16x9.5 cm. Minor chalcopyrite;
  • Transparent thick pyramidal crystal, doubly terminated with bottom termination melding into matrix. Interesting vicinal faces on primary prism, growth hummocks on one tiny face. Very light smoky with gold tinge. Small calcite blebs on matrix and one side. 4.5x3.5 cm, 1.6 cm thick;
  • Very clear light golden/gray crystal, transparent, perched on and growing around small white calcite scalenohedrons, 5x5 cm overall;
  • Pristine,transparent prismatic crystal in perfect condition, 8x2.75 cm, with small matrix at bottom, sides & back. Very pale gold color.
  • Milky spears in large groups. Quite sparkling. On crumbly limestone. 11x8x8 cm. Collected ~2014
  • Feathery opaque fibrous growth in attractive fans, white, very sculptural. 6x4.5x3 cm.
  • Very transparent doubly terminated crystal, slight yellow-green color, virtually pristine, 8.5x4.5x2.5 cm, perched on fragile limestone showing brachiopods, 8.5x6x4 cm overall.
Kansas, Logan Co.
  Olive brown to smoky chisel crystals to 1.5 cm with small calcite rhombs on 7 cm matrix; usually from limestone quarries.
Kentucky, Boyle Co., near Danville, Caldwell quarry  
  White cockscomb blades in groups with fluorite, calcite. R&M 81/6.
Maine, Grafton, Morse Brook
  Thin tabular milky/clear crystals, 2 cm (to 5 cm), zoned, often skeletal. With quartz. King & Foord.
Michigan, Gogebic Co., Ironwood
Blue crystal is 5 cm (similar to some from Montreal mine, Iron County, Wisconsin). Ishpeming Rock & Mineral Club Specimen in Seaman Museum. Iron-stained flat bow-tie crystals to 3 cm; very blue crystals on "back." 5x3.5 cm.
Michigan, Houghton Co., Centennial #2 mine
  Nice clear tabular crystals, Debra Wilson specimen, 4.5x3.5 cm.
Michigan, Gogebic Co., Ironwood, Geneva mine
Orange thin blades in rosettes similar to Mibladen, Morocco, to 3 cm.
Michigan, Houghton Co., Humboldt mine
  Contacted crystal in copper, 6x5.5 cm, Debra Wilson specimen.
Michigan, Keweenaw Co., Phoenix mine
  Thin, wide, flat, mostly white blades to 2.5x3 cm, tightly stacked, terminated both sides, rounded corners, matrix on bottom and top, pink hue. Glossy edges with neat striations. Typical reddish matrix has micro milky analcimes with a few larger, clear analcimes. 6x4 cm overall. Fairly thick milky tabular crystals to 4+ cm in parallel groups, unusual. Seaman specimen 4.5x8 cm. Typical thin, white parallel complex blades to 4 cm in length with copper inclusions and extending to native copper on surface. 4.5x3 cm overall.
Michigan, Marquette Co., near Negaunee, Lucy (McComber) mine
  Thin blades in groups to 2.5 cm with manganite, 6 cm specimen. Rarely in larger blades in groups.Fine thin white blades with magnetite, 20 cm specimen; 8 cm ball; 10 cm yellowish specimen. These last three from Seaman Mineral Museum.

Michigan, Ontonagon Co., White Pine mine
  Water clear thick tabular crystal, 0.8 cm on nice copper crystals (5 cm copper group); Seaman Museum specimen with calcite 3.5 cm. Also iron stained tabular chisels in groups (this, and most, are thumbnails), sometimes with hematite inclusions, or unusually, copper inclusions (R&M 74/3); rarely clear-milky-pinkish taular blades to 3 cm in groups. Finally there is Debra Wilson's wonderful specimen 10x8 cm.
Michigan, Ontonagon Co.
  Thin tabular crystals, grey/clear with white phantoms along edges and some red phantoms in middle (iron oxide), to 0.7x0.9 cm thickly covering matrix, 2.5x3.5 cm. Reportedly crystals occur to nearly 3 cm. found in and exposed vein fall 2006 (see R&M 83/4).
Missouri, Clark County, near Wayland, Fox River outcrop
  Several grey very translucent tabular crystals, largest 2 cm. Perched on undamaged sparkling drusy quartz matrix. 6x6 cm overall. Site is quite near a known geode digging locality; site and specimen found by Gene Tribbey 2011.
Missouri, Jasper Co., Joplin area  
  Clear blades to 2.5 cm in group; 1.5 cm crystals on Seaman Museum specimen labeled Herald mine. Barite unusual from Tri-State districts, but reported in Kansas and Missouri.
Missouri, Morgan Co., Buckshot mine
  Clear/milky 4 cm crystal on smaller crystals, 5x7 cm. Large crystal on Lasmanis specimen also 4 cm; 5.5x4 overall.
Missouri, Morgan Co., Lamb mine
  Clear narrow prismatic crystals to 2.5 cm long, 0.9 cm wide, on white barite matrix. Neat striations on "pyramid" faces. 8x5.5 cm.
Missouri, Phelps Co., near Rolla, Capital quarry
  Clear yellow flat tabular crystal, 4x2.5 cm, on blunted very pale yellow calcite crystals to 2.5 cm, with micro marcasite crystals, 4.5x6 cm. (see R&M 73/2)
Missouri, Ripley Co., near Shirley, Kreuger prospect
  Somewhat thick clear pointed clear tabular crystal, 3x4 cm.
Missouri, Washington Co., Potosi District, near Palmer  
  White thin opague blades in groups to 4 cm, with sparkling drusy quartz. This specimen 6.5x7 cm overall, collected by Ray Lasmanis in 1964.
Missouri, Washington Co., Palmer quadrangle, Showdens Point prospect
A ball of "tiff," 5x5 cm. Micro crystals of barite (grey) on white cryptocrystalline barite. Tiff is a common slang term by old miners for barite in Missouri; the town of Tiff was named for the mineral. Tiff was also a term for calcite in Wisconsin and Missouri. Very large balls of this were mined. ("Ball-tiff is concretionary barite which is finely crystalline, but in which the tabular faces are curved." - The Barite Deposits of Missouri and the Geology of the Barite District, University of Chicago,, a dissertation, Ogden Graduate School of Science, Department of Geology, William Arthur Tarr, 1918. University of Missouri Studies, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 1918). THis specimen collected by Ray Lasmanis in 1961.
Missouri, Washington Co., Sullivan, Pea Ridge mine
  Fat tabular crystal groups, flesh colored with attractive black staining and inclusions, to 6 cm, stacked in parallel groups. Feathered tips. A few small milky calcite scalenohedrons in group in front. Back is black with small chalcopyrite crystals. 11x6x6 cm.
Missouri, Washington Co., just west of Washington State Park
Very clear thin, pointed tabular crystal group, 3x5 cm, iron stain inclusion.
Montana, Carbon Co., Pack Rat claim, near Warren
  Amber translucent blades, zoned, to <2 cm on edge, packed in group 5x6 cm. Second specimen 5 cm (formerly completely coated with calcite).
Montana, Dawson Co., near Glendive
  Quite striking 11x1 cm (longest crystal) group collected skillfully by Chris Tucker. These gold/amber thin crystals usually up to 6+ cm. The smaller on with calcite is 2.5 cm. Chris' own delicate specimen on matrix is 14.5 cm long. From concretions. R&M 78/2
Montana, Flathead County, north of Niarada, OCE mine, near West Flathead mine
  In competition for the least attractive barite... These white coated 1x1.5 cm crystals are clear under the coating and stained with iron which won't come out with anything that won't hurt the goethite. The goethite coating has some not -unattractive iridescent spots. 4.5x7 cm overall.
Montana, Jefferson County, near Basin
  Blocky nearly square 1.5 cm crystals, dark yellow-ochre color, translucent, 4 cm group. Occurs larger but usually not better. "Skeletal" crystal with infill of tiny white secondary barite crystals is 3 cm.
Montana, Silver Bow Co., Butte
  Historic mines produced blocky crystals somewhat similar to those from near Basin (Mountain Con), as well as more golden-brown, clear tabular crystals, about 2 cm (Steward) and clear-white thin tabular crystals to several cm (East Colusa, etc.). Some are often labeled Leonard mine; perhaps doubtful labels. These thick tabular crystals on matrix with sulfides are 0.8 cm each. The thin sawtooth crystal is 4 cm across.
Montana, Treasure Co., near Myers
  Gemmy dark amber, thick crystal (4 cm) much like Elk Creek SD on small calcite crystals, from concretions. Stone faceted by Mike Grey, 8.64 ct, from the same locality. Gemmy doubly terminated crystal perched (in its middle) on matrix of dark yellow calcite rhombs to 0.6 cm which coat the portion of the septarian nodule. Barite crystal is lustrous, dark amber, 3.1x1 cm. All collected by Chris Tucker.
Nebraska, Gage County, west of O'Dell  
  Perhaps only micros…
New Jersey, Passaic Co., Prospect Park  
  White blocky crystals (R&M 59/4) reported, photo by Brad Plotkin is of his specimen, 12x17 cm, with some drusy calcite crystals.
New Jersey, Passaic Co., Paterson, Upper Street Quarry  
  One specimen known at AMNH (R&M 59/4).
New Mexico, Bernalillo Co., Galena King mine  
  Thick blades coated with purple-grey fluorite druse, per Ray DeMark.
New Mexico, Doña Ana Co., Palm Park Quarry  
  Thinnish translucent tabular blades with calcite to 3 cm, some rust stain.
New Mexico, Sierra Co., Nakaye mine
  Nearly black thin tabular crystals, .04 cm, with grey edges. Pyrite inclusions.
New Mexico, Sierra Co., Hermosa district, Pelican mine
Honey-yellow glossy flat tabular crystals to >1 cm with marble, 7.5 cm specimen. From the Day Tunnel of the mine.
New Mexico, Socorro Co., Diamond Dave claim
  Thin white barite blades, nearly equant, to 1.2 cm, coated with and sometimes replaced by sparkling micro quartz or light amethyst crystals, perched on matrix. First specimen 4x7 cm, amethyst specimen 3.5x6 cm. Collected 2009 by Thief Mt. Mining
New Mexico, Socorro County, Linchburg mine  
  3 cm thin white blades, per Ray DeMark.
New Mexico, Socorro Co., Blanchard mine
  White or clear blades (this one 4 cm, but occurs quite large -- 15-20 cm), with tiny quartz crystals. Also small (0.9 cm) blade with galena, fluorite & wulfenite.
New Mexico, Socorro County, near Bingham, Desert Rose mine  
  Milky crystals to 2 cm on fluorite (collected 11/99 by Ray Berry).
New Mexico, Socorro Co., Magdalena, Kelly mine (also Juanita mine - connected)
  • The somewhat glossy blades on quartz are just inder 1.5 cm each (6 cm specimen);
  • Light rust-colored tabular blades to 1+ cm, 6 cm overall;
  • 2.5 cm blade coated with thin blue smithsonite from the Kelly -- thumbnail.
  • Very large tabular brown, glossy blades reach 3x3 cm in groups on tiny sparkling quartz, 5x7 cm overall and from Juanita;
  • Labeled Kelly mine, Andy Seibel's large specimen has thick crystals to about 2.4 cm;
  • Glossy, translucent light yellow doubly terminated thin tabular blades to 2 cm in groups on tiny quartz points coated with deep red oxide stain, also glossy, with thin white calcite blades to 0.5 cm. Juanita mine, 3.5x8.5 cm.
  • Thin light brown blades to 2 cm; 2.5x3 cm overall. Back covered and top crowned with bright blue botryoidal smithsonite blebs to 0.2 cm, Kelly mine.
  • Thin glossy tabular crystals in group to 2.5x3.5 cm each, 4.5x4.5 cm overall. Some serrated edges; pale orange/yellow, glossy, opague.
New Mexico, Socorro Co., Mex-Tex mine, Bingham
  Perfect thin white tabular floater, nearly transparent, 4.5 cm. Others in bladed groups more common.
New York, St. Lawrence Co., Balmat Zinc mine  
  Thin, tabular white crystals rarely to this size (5.4 cm). R&M 73/6
New York, St. Lawrence Co., Balmat Zinc mine
  White stalactites, occasional crystals. See R&M #91/5.
Ohio, Wood Co., near Custar, Pugh quarry (France Stone Co. quarry)  
  Barite from the quarry is usually small white crystals; celestine is more common. Blue barite is less common, but these are apparently barite. These thick complex crystals are 1 cm, 5x5 cm specimen. Similar 1 cm crystals on Chuck Trantham specimen. The third specimen has tiny blocky white barite crystals coating yellow calcite scalenohedrons to 2 cm, 6x4 cm overall. See R&M 65/6.
Oklahoma, Ottawa County, near Hockerville, Texas mine  
  White rounded off "spearheads" to about ¾ inch in groups.
Oklahoma, Cleveland Co., near Noble (also near Norman, larger town).
  Barite "roses," 4.5 cm each, dark orange-brown color, 7 cm, very common. Occur in quite large groups. Locality often given as "Lake Thunderbird area" but there is a large zone running generally west of the lake. See MR 39/4.
Oregon, Jefferson County, near Madras, Richardson's Ranch
  Clear thin blue tabular crystals to 2 cm (maximum) with calcite in one bed at this famous "thunderegg" locality. Very fragile, very few specimens. First has crystals to 2 cm on 12 cm specimen (field of view about 6 cm). The second, with calcite, has 1.7 cm crystals, 7 cm specimen. Thin blue, transparent blades to 2.4 cm in thunder egg. Barite group 3x2.5 cm, very fragile and slightly loosely attached. Calcite on tip of largest crystal. 5x5 cm overall.
Oregon, Lane Co., Lookout Point near Oak Ridge, L&L Claim

Goldish thick tabular crystals, often large, usually with secondary barite, zoned, frequently with somewhat pitted edges. Left to right:

  • First example has 4 cm, dullish crystals with white inclusions, slight zoning.
  • The Rice Museum piece is very large.
  • The other large piece is 13 cm with crystals to 4.5 cm, unfortunately some pitted faces and others coated with secondary barite.
  • This is a floater, 4 cm in length
  • The largest crystal on this miniature, also a floater, is 3.5 cm.
Pennsylvania, Blair County, Sinking Valley  
  White blades, probably from 19th century mining, specimen ~5.5 cm. Photo and specimen Jim Chenard. This is the piece Jay Lininger had in his collection, reported in Lininger's Chronicles of Central Pennsylvania Mineralogy part 4 (www.pennminerals.com)
Pennsylvania, Chester Co., Wheatley mine  
  Grey-white bladed crystals to 2+ cm reported; unusual.
South Carolina, McCormick Co., McCormick
  Two clear prisms to 1.5 cm on gossan, 2 cm. An exception to the thumbnail rule.
South Dakota, Meade Co. (also Pennington & Fall River Counties), Elk Creek
  Gemmy doubly terminated 6 cm crystal, very clear tips, on yellow calcite crystals. Occurs much larger (but often with frosted "pyramid" faces).
Tennessee, Smith Co., Elmwood mine and Gordonsville mine, Carthage
  Yellowish white 4.5 cm ball of tiny crystals on sphalerite crystals (Elmwood), 15 cm overall; Whiter ball, nearly complete, 6 cm in diameter, perched on transparent light purple fluorite cubes to 1 cm with tiny "ruby Jack" sphalerite crystals. White sparkling crystals on the fluorite are dolomite. 12 cm long by 10 cm high specimen.
Texas, Karnes Co., Falls City
  Milky to clear thin tabular blades, some attractive (hematite?) stains; also with selenite.
Utah, Emery Co.
  One flat transparent, thin clear 3.5 cm xl on dark yellow-brown calcite points w/large milky calcite xl on calcite. 8x8 cm. Second is Dick Dayvault specimen (and photo), 3.5 cm crystal with typical small conceretion calcites.
Grand County, Yellow Cat district
  Dick Dayvault specimen & photo; 2.5 cm barite crystal in petrified wood.
Utah, Tooele Co., Dugway Mt. Range, (Buckhorn Canyon?)
  Milky tabular blades, parallel, to 5 cm perched on fragile pocket of tiny calcite crystals, 7 cm.
Utah, Tooele Co., Copperopolis mine
  White tabular barite crystals to 2 cm coated with quartz druse in 6.5x3x3 cm group. Some zoning visible through the quartz. Tested barite by examining crystal structure, magnified, and scratch test (about 4). Looks like many quartz-after-barite epimorphs but barite still there, it appears. From Chris Tucker 2006.
Virginia, Buckingham County, Buckingham mine/Eldridge mine
Former gold mine. Crystals to 1 cm covering matrix 4x6 cm, ex-Philadelphia Academy, S. Ashmead. Piece from the Hunterian M&AG was from Frank Rutley (d. 1904), labeled Baryte var. wolnyn, an old name for this habit. Crystals to 1+ cm. The Virginia, or Eldridge, mine in Buckingham County is about a mile northwest of Dillwyn and joins the Buckingham mine on the southwest. The mine was known as the Eldridge mine until 1853 when it was sold to the London and Virginia Gold and Copper Mining Company, which was formed in London and incorporated in Virginia. Ore was extracted from more than 600 feet of open cuts, three shafts 150 feet deep, and underground drifts that connected with the Buckingham mine along the gold-bearing vein. The mine was closed about six years before the Civil War. It reopened briefly in 1939-1940. These specimens date from the early mining. See Virginia Minerals, Department of Conservation and Economic Development, Richmond, published by the Division of Mineral Resources, Charlottesville. Vol. 17 #3 August 1971.
Virginia, Rockbridge County
Thick opague white/bluish white crystals to 1 cm in large sprays.

Virginia, Warren County
Tabular crystals to 1 cm.
Washington, King Co., Green Ride, Purple Hope Claim #4
  Thin white tabular blades to 3.5 cm on edge, 4.5x4 cm overall. Collected by claim owner Joe George 2003.
Washington, King Co., Spruce Claim
White thick tabular crystals with white rims to 4 cm, with broken quartz crystal (the "State of Florida" in this 3-D map of the USA.), 5x8 cm specimen. Dillhoff specimen is 5 cm. The third piece is the largest to come from the locality, collected by Bob Jackson (now in Liebetrau collection). The barite blade is 8 cm across. The last is one of the most aesthetic, a "Christmas Tree" of 5 cm blades on a very clear quartz crystal, 6x6.5 cm overall, collected 1996 by Jackson, now in the Dameron collection.
Washington, Pend Oreille Co., Metaline Falls
Thick dark amber blade, 1x2 cm, on matrix, some palygorskite. 4 cm.
Washington, Stevens Co., W. of Northport, Flagstaff Mt.
Gene Tribbey specimen and photo; 3x1.5 cm specimen, ex Bill Sanborn. Others yellow and usually smaller, but can be a little larger.
Wisconsin, Iron Co., near Hurley, Cary mine
Small colorless to milky crystals in several local collections; Steve & Sandy Whelan have found barite crystals on Cary dump.
Wisconsin, Iron Co., near Montreal, Montreal mine
  Left to right:
  • Typical reddish-beige elongated blades, some white coating, in nice rosette, 4.5 cm;
  • "Limonite" with clusters of salmon colored barite blades to 1 cm, 10 cm overall;
  • Bright orange thin blades to 2.5 cm, 6 cm overall;
  • Thick, beige blades with "limonite" inclusions and attachments, each about 2 cm square;
  • Grey-blue large (~5 cm) blades, DeBruin specimen.
  • Pointed tabular orangish crystals (Seaman Museum), 6x12 cm specimen;
  • Brown blades in group (Seaman Museum) 8x10 cm;
  • Zoned orange crystals (Seaman Museum) 4x5 cm;
  • Wonderful blue crystals, specimen 8.2 cm wide (DeBruin, ex Don Olson);
  • Very light warm beige, nearly transparent equant thin flat crystals to about 0.6 cm, tightly covering matrix of pure hematite ore, 5x7 cm.
  • Group of thin parallel very blue translucent blades, 3x4.5 cm, on typical for area iron-stained matrix with small nearly clear calcite crystals. 8.5x3.5 cm overall. Ex-Al McGuinness, Lance Hampel. Labeled Cary mine. Possible - they are close, and R&M 73/6 lumps them together, with barite, not further described. Per Steve Whelan, Calumet Michigan, barite from Cary colorless to milky. No other blue Cary specimens have been located, while blue is common at Montreal;
  • Thin very translucent nearly equant blades to 1 cm, white rims, perched on iron ore matrix which is covered by tiny quartz crystals. 5x4 cm overall.
Also occurs in white spears to several cm.
Wyoming, Carbon County, Shirley Basin
  Translucent 3 cm blue blades, some with nice chisel tips, 6 cm specimen; Weaver specimen with thicker crystal.